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Digital & Social Media Services

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Digital Management & Strategy

Our digital marketing services and graphic design services are all available as stand-alone services, but some businesses need to avail of most or all of the services we offer here at digital88. This is where our full digital management and strategy service comes in.


Your business is unique with its own set of strengths and weaknesses along with opportunities and threats. It is vital that a long-term strategy is in place which is tailored to your business because it helps deliver on your goals and objectives. It means all digital channels are working towards the same goals and ensures a cohesive marketing message which helps reinforce your brand.


We basically become your digital marketing team and are responsible for your full digital marketing strategy and making this strategy a reality with digital marketing and graphic design expertise. We work closely with you and your team and meet regularly to plan and strategise our digital marketing efforts.


  • Digital channels all working toward key goals

  • Consistent message across all digital channels

  • Bespoke full digital strategy tailored to your business

  • We become your digital marketing and graphic design team

  • An effective strategy across all channels help you make better business decisions

  • Improves marketing ROI

  • Helps integrate digital with the entire business so digital is aligned with other marketing or response channels

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PPC Management

Pay per click is a great advertising tool to use when customers are actively searching for your product or service as the product awareness and need is already there.

You can target your customers with specific ads depending on exactly what they're searching for and bring them to a landing page to get those all-important sales or leads.


Pay per click advertising appears on search engine results pages depending on what the user has typed in as their search query. The ads are triggered based on keywords you bid on - if these match what a user has searched for, and the user is in the right location, and your bid amount is enough, your ad will appear.

Our PPC management is driven by data and detailed analysis. Its focus is on return on investment, key for any business operating today.


Key Benefits of PPC:

  • Appear on the first page of Google or Bing 

  • Show your business to users in the market for your services

  • Increase clicks and traffic to your website

  • Data driven results

  • Lower the cost per acquisition of your leads

  • Test your marketing messages

  • Only pay for each click


PPC Services:

  • Google Ads (used to be known as Google Adwords) Management

  • Google Shopping Management

  • Bing Ads Management

  • Display & Remarketing

  • PPC Audit of Current Activity

  • PPC Training

ppc management services
ppc advertising
ppc advertising

SEO & Content

One way to drive traffic to your website is via search engines such as Google & Bing. However, with so much competition your website needs to be fully optimised to take advantage of this - a process which is called Search Engine Optimisation. This means optimising your website for keywords you want to rank highly for and ensuring your website is set up in a search engine friendly manner.

Setting your website up to be search engine friendly is only half the battle. Google and Bing will both rank websites higher where there is fresh original content that users want to view. This means continual production of interesting content such as blog posts, case studies and videos (there is an added benefit that this content can also be posted on social media).


With PPC costs rising, if you want steady traffic coming to your website, then you need to up your SEO game.


Key benefits of SEO:

  • Traffic is free compared to PPC

  • Increase in traffic to your business

  • Builds credibility of your business

  • Technical changes to improve SEO will also improve your website user experience

  • Regular content is key, which keeps your customers up to date and adds personality to your business


SEO Services:

  • Website audit

  • Keyword research

  • Content strategy

  • Content production

Email Marketing

Email marketing is basically the use of email to promote your product or services to your customers or interested parties. It sometimes has a bad name if used incorrectly (spam emails are not something to aim for) but done well it keeps your customers informed and encourages sales extremely cost effectively compared to other media.


Key benefits of email marketing:

  • It is extremely cost effective

  • It is fully trackable and customisable

  • It is much more likely to get seen by your customers than other mediums

  • Keep your users up to date with news and promotions

  • Can use stand-alone email services e.g. MailChimp, or functionality may already exist on your website

  • 94% of internet users use email - only 61% use social media for example.


Email Marketing Services:

  • Email address collection

  • Email marketing strategy

  • Email marketing campaigns

email marketing
email marketing

Digital Training

Digital training is becoming increasingly popular for businesses, who realise they need their staff to understand the digital arena but who don’t want to take on a dedicated online marketing agency. It is used by businesses to increase their digital awareness and skills so that they can go forward and implement some aspects of digital marketing.


This is different for each business depending on their product and service, and what areas of digital they are lacking expertise in.


Benefits of digital training

  • Current staff can take on the workload associated with digital

  • No need for an ongoing relationship with a digital marketing agency

  • Less likelihood of mistakes - staff performing roles to which they have little training can carry risk for a business from a monetary cost and PR point of view

  • Added training and awareness for staff


Digital training services:

  • PPC Training

  • Social Media Training

  • SEO & Content Training

  • Email Marketing Training

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