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TGF Digital management
TEX PPC mangement
B&B social media management
BCap Graphic design services

Tara Grimes Fitness:
Digital Management & Strategy

We manage most of the digital activity for Tara Grimes Fitness, from content to paid social media advertising, to email marketing and everything in between. A client since 2017 the business has went from strength to strength from its first toe dipping into digital. The online business has quadrupled since then, with a full website re-design and re-development in the pipeline for 2019.

Key to the development of the Tara Grimes Fitness brand has been the more long term approach taken to digital and strategy with the focus on brand growth while keeping return on investment strong.


This has meant introducing analytics and weekly data analysis to make sure we know what is returning for us and when. Paid social media advertising strategy has also been overhauled with a mixture of longer-term and shorter-term campaigns, audience and ad testing, along with re-targeting campaigns being utilised for the first time.


As well as this, there has been a concentrated effort made on creating more informational content for the social media channels to make Tara Grimes Fitness a go-to for fitness information, and growing Instagram to work alongside their Facebook following.


All digital activity marries with the email marketing, with a mix of promotional and informational emails to maximise sales while keeping the consumers engaged.

facebook advertising

Tutor Experts:
PPC Management

We took over the management of Tutor Expert’s (south of Ireland) pay per click and increased their PPC conversion rate by 196%, increased their click through rate by 135% and decreased their cost per conversion by 67%.


From this success we then took over the PPC management of Tutor Experts in Belfast and have begun paid social media campaigns on Facebook reaching key audiences.


With so much competition in this sector, coupled with a high PPC cost per click, it is vital to get the right copy for what makes Tutor Expert’s service so special, and to make use of keyword analysis and data analysis to keep return on investment strong. It is also important to make sure we are taking advantage of re-targeting advertising and audience testing.

social media management
ppc management
ppc management
ppc retargeting ad
Tutor Experts

Bread & Banjo Bakery:
Social Media Management

We took over the social media management of Bread & Banjo bakery in summer 2018 with the bakery being too busy to commit any time to their social media. It was important to the bakery that they did not come across as salesy and they did not want any paid campaigns, so our role has been to grow the social media channels organically and get their wonderful produce in front of people in the area.

We have used a mixture of post and story content on the social media channels, and their reach has grown by over 600% in the last 6 months. The business has just had a major renovation to their premises to expand their capacity.

social media management
social media services
social media content
Bread & Banjo

Belfast Caps:
Graphic Design Services

Charles at Belfast Caps got in touch as he was starting a hat supply and embroidery business and required a selection of materials designed to go on his new website as well as marketing materials to get his name out there.

Firstly, we designed business cards using the Belfast Caps logo (created by others) and brand colours, as well as an A5 size promotional flyer for use in his outreach work.


Next, they needed a full price list referencing catalogue codes and another document detailing embroidery pricing, terms & conditions. These were for use on their website as well as to circulate to potential customers on request. 


Finally, we created a form layout for their NCR order forms.

graphic design services
graphic design
business card design
graphic design
Belfast Caps
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