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How to use Twitter business hours to network and promote your business

Twitter business hours are growing in popularity in Northern Ireland. There are so many that take place now every week. Check out our previous blog here on what days and times they are.

But we do get asked quite a bit – “how do we actually use these and take part?”. It’s really simple and this blog will take you through the process.

twitter digital marketing northern ireland

The basic premise is, that when the business hour is taking place, you can use the relevant hashtag to start a conversation or use the search bar on the Twitter interface to search via the hashtag and check what the current chat is about.

We will use an example of how this works, using #BelfastHour which takes place on a Thursday night between 9pm and 10pm.

So, at 9pm you would sign into Twitter with your business account, and in the search bar at the top type the hashtag #Belfasthour to search.

twitter social media search bar

Go to latest and you will be able to see the latest conversation in chronological order. You can also click on people to view people contributing, photos put up using the hashtag and videos etc.

twitter social media marketing conversation

If you want to contribute to any of the conversations currently ongoing, just reply to any of the tweets that are currently ongoing.

If you want to start a conversation and get some chat going, then just tweet using the hashtag e.g.

twitter social media tweet digital marketing

And that’s pretty much all there is to getting involved in Twitter business hours. It really is that easy, so give it a go – it’s a great way to network and find opportunities!

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch :)

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