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Our Top 4 Tips For Digital Marketing Success

It was so hard to pick just 4 things, but these are the very top 4 things we think every business should be thinking about when it comes to their digital marketing and digital marketing strategy.


1)        Set Your Goals

You need to be clear on what you are trying to do with your marketing before you try to do it. Are you trying to increase sales? Are you trying to increase your return on investment? Are you trying to lower your cost per acquisition? Defining your goals will allow you measure success, and help set a strategy which gives your goals the most chance of success.


2)        Know Your Customer

You need to know your customer inside out. Who exactly are you targeting? Without this knowledge you are going to be casting an extremely wide net on your marketing efforts, which can be extremely costly in terms of time and money. When you know your customer well you can tailor your marketing efforts to their needs, you can build connection, you know where to reach them and you know what tone of voice to reach them in depending on where they are on their purchase journey.


3)        Optimise For Mobile

Over 55% of traffic is now from mobile devices. It is therefore so surprising that so many websites are still so poorly designed for mobile use. You will need your website to load in under 3 seconds (1-2 seconds is ideal) before someone will bounce off your website. If you have paid for that traffic that makes it even more important. Having a seamless mobile website that allows people to check out efficiently is a necessity.


4)        Track, Measure & Adjust

Make sure you have tracking set up for your marketing efforts – ensure the correct pixels and tags are installed for Meta, Google etc, and use an analytics platform to track your website traffic. Ensure you are measuring your efforts – clicks, purchases, return on investment % etc and optimise to improve your marketing. Not everything will work, and some things will work better than others so ensure you are adjusting as you go along to have your marketing efforts return as well as they can.


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