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digital88 is a small digital marketing & graphic design team of 3 in Belfast, NI. It is made up of Joanne McCullagh, Clare Brawley, and one furball called Tucker.


We work for a range of clients across a variety of sectors providing digital marketing and graphic design services at a more cost effective rate than traditional agencies. Agency rates in Northern Ireland are between £80-£100 per hour. This is workable for larger companies but for the smaller business this is usually a no-go fee. We bridge the gap.


digital88 was founded by Joanne in 2016 because she watched too many small businesses get priced out of the market and turn their back on digital when it could deliver so much for their business. Clare came on board through business growth, becoming our experienced design eye - creating visuals for all of our digital services as well as stand-alone web & print graphic services. She is the creative ying to Joanne’s slightly anal yang.


I graduated from Queen's University, Belfast with a First Class Honours Degree in Business & IT. In final year I was awarded the Deloitte Award for Innovation. From there I went straight into a digital marketing job in Manchester, working in Australia, Glasgow and Belfast after this.


Through my career I have developed many years of experience across the full digital spectrum, from paid advertising, paid and unpaid social media management, SEO, mobile, video etc. I have experience across all client sectors having managed campaigns worldwide for a variety of businesses - from huge corporations to small local businesses. This includes the likes of Sainsburys, Cadburys & McDonalds, who are all doing the same digital work and campaigns that I provide for clients – just with much bigger budgets! I am fully accredited in Google Adwords, Bing Ads & Google Analytics.

I founded digital88 as it has been my dream for a few years now, as I watched countless small businesses being priced out of the digital market by agencies. It has been running since 2016 and has gone from strength to strength. We currently manage campaigns for a range of small businesses in sectors such as hospitality, finance, law, clothing & fitness, so it’s been fantastic to see people respond to what we do and get success from it.


I strongly believe using digital can help all businesses in today's world and the major positive of it is that it is fully trackable. You can see what every penny of spend gets you in return.



I have been working in graphic design since early 2017, but I started off my career designing on a slightly larger scale – designing buildings.

My BScHons degree in Architectural Technology was gained in Edinburgh, with an exchange year spent at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Through my course I developed the skills in design, graphic communication and computer aided drawing that I still use every day.

After university I worked in the construction industry for a number of years, in Glasgow and later Co. Down, before making the move to graphic design. I loved the aspects of Architectural work that had me drawing, presenting & communicating ideas visually and solving design problems - but I found myself wishing for smaller and more tangible design work.

The shift to graphic design allowed me to make use of the design skills and experience I had built up over the years, while working directly with clients on projects that quickly go live and help progress their business. I really enjoy working closely with small businesses & start-ups creating logos, ads & marketing materials, social content, business cards & a whole range of other imagery to help bring their brand to life.



As Head of Barketing, Tucker spends most of his time napping but is not above roaming the office for treats and attention.


Consistent winner of “Employee of the Month” awards.