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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Content Management

Social media management for business is key, and we are now at the stage where most businesses know this. Social media builds your brand, gives you the personality to stand out, and increases your business reach.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn - the list goes on. And it can be very daunting to manage all this in terms of time and expertise. The goal is to create engaging content that ties in with your products and services, in a tone of voice that fits with your brand. You want your followers to grow, while your posts are engaged with. Easier said than done. 

The mix of social media channels you use will depend on what your business goal is and which channels make sense. Post types can include articles, video, competitions, events, polls etc.


We provide social media content management on a month to month basis, with social media content designed to engage and get you noticed. As part of our social media management we also take on business outreach to grow your channels further and get your content in front of more people. 

social media content
social media management
social media content
social media content
Social Media Content

Paid Social Media Advertising

The Facebook advertising platform is growing, and growing massively. It’s cost effective and it can be extremely effective as a marketing tool because it is so targeted. As a platform it contains the details of over one billion monthly active users.

It is also integrated with Instagram, which means you can build paid social media campaigns across both Facebook and Instagram quite easily.

The danger with the Facebook advertising platform is that it has been set up to enable people to spend money quite quickly without knowing proper campaign set up or what it is they are trying to achieve with their campaigns. This is a competitive market, it is very easy to waste a lot of money.

And this is where our social media advertising expertise helps your business. We make sure your paid social media campaigns have the proper set up, the right advertising messages, the right advertising graphics and ensure they are hitting the right audience, at the right time to have your advertising budget return.

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Social Media Paid
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