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Social Media Training for Small Business & Employees

To successfully market your brand, social media moved into being a necessity some time ago. If your brand doesn’t have a social presence you are missing out on customers who are looking a more personal connection. Your social media is a great way to get personality and brand message across.

There is no better, or probably cheaper way to get your brand out there, but it is also incredibly time consuming. That’s where we come in for a lot of clients, but for some businesses, the answer is to train most or all their employees to post on and look after these accounts.

social media training for small business belfast

Social media training will be different for every business. But in the main, the key areas you need to cover, and the questions you need to ask are:

Current Competency

What level are your employees currently at with social media? What channels are they comfortable with?

Social Media Set Up & Operation

Are all the social media channels for your brand set up? How often do you want to post?

Brand Messaging

What tone of voice are you taking in your social media channels? It is vital this tone of voice remains on brand and consistent across all channels. Is it worth making a brand reference social media guide for your employees?

Online Safety Standards

Is everyone aware of safety standards online? Personal information should never be used on your social media channels. For content you are posting do you have permission to use it e.g. are you using copyrighted graphics?

Social Media Responses

On what days are certain people responsible for which queries? What hours are you going to be responding to messaging queries etc?

Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar ensures everyone knows what is being posted, by whom, when, and on what channel. You’ll want to set your social media calendar up monthly (or at the very least weekly) and add in ad hoc things that come up that are relevant to your brand.

These are some guidelines to follow when you are training your staff on social media use. As said above it will be different for each business. If you want some help or are interested in getting some social media training for your business, then please get in touch.

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