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What is Retargeting & Should I Use Retargeting?

Short answer - yes! Retargeting is the MVP (most valuable player) in your paid-for campaigns!

When I initially sit down with clients, I always find it surprising the number who aren’t using retargeting. It is the easiest audience to convince to buy your product, which means it will be the most cost effective. So, let’s discuss what retargeting is and why it’s something you should be utilising.


What is retargeting?

Retargeting campaigns show ads to users who’ve shown intent with you e.g. by recently visiting your website, visiting one of your social media platforms etc. The purpose of these ads is to convert users who have already shown intent but have not yet become customers.

An example would be someone who has viewed a product on your website e.g. a t shirt, and gone away to think about it before making the purchase. If you aren’t retargeting to this user, you are giving them a chance to forget about you – while the user will be hit with t shirt advertising from other brands. With retargeting campaigns set up you can reach that customer again for example when they are browsing on Instagram stories later that day and remind them of that t shirt, along with giving them more information that leads to conversions (e.g. your business reviews, or marketing messages such as free delivery).


Why should I use retargeting?

Retargeting is a really powerful way to turn prospective customers into customers that sign up, subscribe, make a purchase or whatever your goal is. It is so useful because returning visitors show a greater interest in your product or service, they have much higher click through rates and conversion rates after their first visit. This only increases the more often they see your ad. So it is a really cost effective and successful way for you to increase sales and leads.


There are various retargeting strategies you can use depending on your product or service and the set up of your website and social media platforms. If you have any questions or want to discuss this further then please get in touch!



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