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What is content marketing? Some examples (with Northern Ireland brands in there too)

Red bull take their content marketing, and particularly video content, to the extreme. Which fits exactly with what it is all about – extreme sports and extreme stunts for adrenaline junkies. They don’t try to sell you the product, they hold your attention.

There are a huge number of examples we could zero in on, but let’s look at the Stratos Jump. The space diving project with Felix Baumgartner, who flew 39km into the stratosphere above New Mexico before free falling. Oh, and he broke the sound barrier in the process, becoming the first human to do so without some form of engine, along with 2 other world records.

digital marketing belfast northern ireland

It was viewed live by over 9.5 million users on YouTube and it currently has over 40 million current views.

That’s commitment to content folks!

2) Boojum

Ok, so as much as I just like talking about anything remotely connected to Burritos – Boojum have some serious content marketing game. It publishes smart content in a time effective manner, which holds the interest of the audience they want to target.

digital marketing belfast northern ireland

This video tying in with students going back to university was a smart example of content marketing for their brand as well.

digital marketing belfast northern ireland

Ben & Jerry’s look to the core values of their brand to tie in all their marketing. These values focus around their product mission, economic mission and social mission. The company often produces and promotes content which takes on political issues e.g. gay marriage or climate change.

This provides a lot of discussion on their social channels. They often ask for customer feedback on their social accounts which keeps audience interaction high and keeps sentiment positive.

This video went live the week the world found out Donald Trump was the new President of the United States, and was promoted that morning. A perfect fit for their brand and content marketing strategy.

4) Rolex

Rolex is such a traditional brand that it’s a bigger puzzle for them than most on how to stay current in the modern world. They do this by keeping their content clean and classic, fitting with the brand but promoted in modern ways.

Their Instagram feed is full of stunning imagery of their products. Luckily it doesn’t show a price tag so I can dream.

digital marketing belfast northern ireland

Another Northern Irish company doing well on the social media front here. Bite to savour send boxes of Northern Ireland artisan food products around the world.

On their website, they have artisan of the week and product of the week content updated every week.

digital marketing belfast northern ireland

They also promote recipe of the month on their social media channels with their social media a good mix of original content, and shared content which fits with their brand e.g. shares from The Gluten Free Patisserie.

digital marketing belfast northern ireland

Who hasn’t seen (and drooled) over 1 of these videos on social media? 74.3 million Facebook likes from creating and producing content that people want to see.

digital marketing belfast northern ireland

digital marketing belfast northern ireland

The important thing to remember is the content needs to fit with your brand, your strategy and your brand image. Get in touch to find out how we can help!

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