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Why you should be using a Password Manager

Password manager

I know, I know. Passwords are annoying, you always forget them, and when you remember them it’s time to change it again. Nobody likes passwords, but with the importance of cyber security, they are a fact of life. Hopefully the rise of fingerprint scanners and face scanning technology will improve our security and remove our dependency on passwords sooner rather than later – but for now, you need a password manager.

A password manager takes all your passwords and locks them away using a master password. I know it sounds risky, but if you use a strong password, that you can remember, and that you haven’t used before, then it will protect the rest of your passwords and increase your security online massively.

Passwords are stolen literally all the time. As well as you being at risk, the sites and services you use are massive targets for hackers. All companies are meant to protect your password – but not all companies are using modern and strong algorithms to do this.

Once you, or a website that you use has been hacked, the hacker has one of your passwords. How many other websites and services do you use the same password on? It puts you massively at risk of fraud. Few people use different passwords for every site they use. Using a password manager makes it so much easier to use strong and secure passwords for each website.

As well as storing current passwords, they also help you generate safer and stronger passwords for new websites (and then save it so you don’t have to remember it!). When you go to any new website or app, you just pull up your password manager, enter your master password and hey presto you’re in.

Trust us, get a password manager. We use LastPass, but Keeper, Dashlane and 1Password are all good options.

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